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We've organized our catalogue by performance setting so you can find the perfect repertoire for your next performance

Great for when you have a gig in a coffee shop or setting where there is going to be some background noise.
Collection of works that are fun, flashy, and/or recognizable.
Works for when you need to put something together quickly.
Shorter pieces for when the audience wants more.
Works that are good for someone looking for a multi-week or multi-month long project to work on.
When you have a performance in an outdoor setting or venue and wont have a lot of resonance.
These works are great for a degree recital at the collegiate level.
A collection of works that are great for spaces that really resonate. Think sanctuaries, museums, and the like.
Perfect for a small room (art gallery, house concert, etc.) where the audience is up close.
When you want to work on specific techniques through performance.

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